Specialty Home Loans


Specialty Home Loans

Loan options for homebuyers wishing to purchase or refinance a home who don’t meet traditional lending guidelines due to insufficient tax-reported income, an insufficient waiting period following a major credit event such as foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy, and/or many other reasons.

Home Buyer Bridge Loans

These short-term bridge loans use equity from your current home as the down payment on your new home while you are waiting for your current home to sell. Bridge loan terms generally range from three to nine months.

Fast Low Rate Traditional Loans


Income can be derived from bank statements, not tax returns

Income can be derived from assets

No proof of employment income or tax returns required

No specific minimum waiting periods following a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy

Loans for Foreign Nationals

Loans from $100,000 to $4 million


Home Loan Pre-Application

Data required for us to complete an easy application over the phone or in person.